How to Install Fog Lights?

Fog lamps are an essential part of a car, especially during the winter and foggy seasons. Their significance should not be underestimated. Therefore, let us share instructions as to how can you install fog lights.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do for fog light installation is find the right type. You can easily surf the internet to find out the best match, otherwise the manufacturer can also provide the information. Fog lights can also be bought from the company itself but they will be comparatively costly. You will also need to be careful when selecting the bulb type as well. Fog bulbs differ from headlamps for both low and high beams. Nowadays LEDs are also available as opposed to Halogen bulbs, which consume less energy and are long lasting. Gather the tools required and make sure everything is prepared.

Step 2

Before going on playing with the wires and all, make sure that the engine is turned off. If you happen to accidentally connect the wrong wires, it may result in short circuit. Use the tools to remove the plastic covers in place of fog lamps. You will need to remove the wheel cover a bit so that you get the clearance you want. Once the fog light installation is done, you can fix it back.

Nowadays, fog LEDs are simply plug and play, therefore, connect the plug of the fog lights with the original plug. If you do not happen to have any given plugs, you will need to find an electrician to properly wire the system. It is something you can do as well but at the cost of some risk. Once the fog lights have been installed, test them to see if they are working properly.

Vehicles Without Fog Lights

Installing fog lights on vehicles that do not happen to have them, is a tricky task. Even though most vehicles do come with fog lights but some do not. Hence, the job will require you to drill some holes as well. In such a case, you will first need to run a wire from the engine to the interior of the vehicle that will turn on and off the lights. Then again, some vehicles already have the space for fog lights but if there is not, you will need to drill small holes.


Regardless of your car having fog lights or not, connecting some wires is still going to be there if you want to do. As already mentioned, checked the instructions on the fog light kit to ensure and check where each wire goes. Usually there is one wire that connects the on/off switch, running from the hole you drilled and the other is a ground wire. One end of the ground wire is to be connected to the ground terminal and the other to an unpainted metal section, usually under the dash. The fog light is going to have a third wire as well, one end of which will connect to on/off switch and the other to the relay and battery. Hopefully, after that you are done with the installation.


Fog light installation is not a complicated task but if done wrong, it can be hard to cope with. If you don’t have any knowledge of cars, it’s better to use the help of an expert.

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