Simple Steps to Replace Your Car Side Mirror

If you’re suffering from a damaged or broken side-view mirror, then you’re all set. You just need to go through the entire post and follow it carefully to get your job done. When you’re in the situation with a broken side mirror, you’re not just an unhappy driver, it also a worst-case setting. 

In these circumstances, it was clean off and you have lost its safety plus security. You’ll find it difficult to see the image clearly through the broken side mirror. So, it’ll be tough to change a lane as the scratched vision disallows you to see the back view. 

Unfortunately, you’re at risk of getting an unwanted accident. This is why replacing your car side mirror is a very urgent task, when it has damaged or broken. Now, let’s know some simple steps to do it. 

Where You’ll Get the Cheaper Replacement 

You can check out to other avenues before you buy a new side mirror from a dealer. There are replacements of the mirror in the aftermarket company for some of the famous models. Often the mirrors in aftermarket fit and work just like that have made in the factory when there is no availability of a factory part to replace. 

Also, they’re comparatively cheaper. You can check on a junkyard in offline and online as an alternative option. The sites like Craigslist or eBay can help you with this issue. All these things to save some money for you when you go to buy a side mirror. 

But, be careful and ensure you’re buying the same model mirror that fits on your vehicles. Now, follow the below steps:

Pry The Broken/ Damaged Mirror Off 

Take a plastic-made pry bar; get at the back the side mirror. But, some cars have a large space to enter your fingers to its backside. If you have a similar car, you don’t need to use a tool. However, enter your fingers carefully because there is a chance to remaining broken glass pieces. 

You have to apply a moderate effort to take out the clips of the mirror. If the mirrors are warm or they’re built-in with signals, take out all wires connected with the view mirror. 

Pry The Broken Side Mirror Off 

You have to point out the way of the clips on the side mirror has snapped with the plate that it turns on. It’ll help you to remove the decorative cover from the mirror backside. 

Inspect Clips & Tabs

You’ll get 4 taps plus clips in the car (we’re using a Toyota RAV4 vehicle). It might be different from one manufacturer to another. Look for the tabs and clips are in good form on the mounting plate. 

If you find they’re not so then you need a new part to change the damaged one. Although alternate mirrors are presented by many sources, you’ll find the mounting plate only from a dealer. 

Line Up Tabs

Attach back in the wires to the mirror if you’re viewing mirrors come with built-in heater elements or turn signal repeating system. Now, it’s time to line up clips and taps. Also, set the mirror at the proper position on the plate. 

Clean & Readjust Mirror 

You’re all set and now just clean your mirror and readjust it.

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