What Would Be the Future of Medical Imaging Technology?

Scientists believe the medical imaging has a more innovative and advanced future. It is just the beginning and we will be able to see medical imaging develop into a better technology in the future.

The world is undergoing rapid changes. The last two decades after 2000 have been very advanced in terms of development in the medical profession. Medical imaging was one of the key areas where we saw major developments. In the last 20 years, patent registration on medical imaging related devices tripled.

The advancement in technology and the internet have revolutionized the medical imaging to a great extent. By 2021, there will be three times more medical imaging devices as compared to today. Most of the changes and innovation is happening in the developed countries. However, the developing countries are also bringing innovation and embracing the future of medical imaging technology.

Below are some of the major medical imaging trends we should expect in the future.

1. The Use of Artificial Intelligence

There are a number of future trends in the medical imaging which prove how beneficial and innovative it will get. Among all these, the AI based medical imaging is the most popular and trending.

Reports reveal the current AI industry for medical imaging stands at just $25 billion while it will be worth $250 billion in 2026. A large number of companies are producing AI based medical imaging devices which are smarter, offer more quality images and provide support in decision making.

2. Virtual Reality and 3D Imaging

Almost 2-3 years ago, the world and the tech companies’ realized future will be about virtual reality devices. For this reason, we see most of the smartphones coming with this feature. So far it has been used for entertainment.

But in the medical sector, the virtual reality along with 3D imaging is going to create major opportunities. Doctors and radiologists will be able to get 3D body images with close attention to the details. VR will make it easy to live view the inside of the body for treatments.

3. Nuclear Imaging in Future

Here comes another trend which the healthcare sector is preparing for in the near future of medical 3D imaging technology. Nowadays, patients are given certain medicines and fluids when the body scans are performed.

With the nuclear imaging, the same method will be used. But the patients will consume a special radioactive material. As the material reaches body, it targets the particular organs or parts that are to be captured. It reveals more details and radiologists get better insight of the organs.

4. Future is All About Wearables 

At this time, many people use wearables to monitor their blood pressure, heart rate and other things. In fact, wearables have helped a lot to allow people take care of their health. But they also have a great use in the medical imaging.

Medical scientists have designed helmets for the head. As the patients put on these helmets, the wearable device scans the head and provide all details. For injury, scans and taking images of brain- wearables will be common in the near future.

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