6 SUV Care Tip You Didn’t Know You Needed

Owning an SUV requires great maintenance and care. In some cases, due to sheer neglecting on part of the owner can turn these machines into a pile of junk sitting in your backyard. Let us share some tips as to how you can prevent that.

1. Better Quality Fuel

SUVs have bigger engine and can create havoc if not treated right. Therefore, the first thing you need to make sure is that you are giving it the best quality fuel. If you own an SUV and think of putting in cheap fuel, then you might want to sell it and get something else. Putting in better quality fuel will only benefit you in the long run as it will help prolong the life of the engine.

2. The Best Car Insurance

Even though liability insurance is cheaper but shops such as Maryland Auto Repair shop suggests splurging some extra cash to get the full coverage. Many people that make their full coverage plans expensive use national insurance. However, if you happen to choose the local insurance companies, they deal with every customer on an individual basis and make sure that the deal takes place. 

3. Keep the AC Working

It is not surprising to hear people complaining about their ACs giving up just as the summer is beginning. The reason is that, people during the winter season keep ACs off and only turn them on when the summers are about to arrive. Manufacturers always recommend using the AC for a while during the winter season as well just to keep things flowing. Otherwise by keeping it turned off for 3-4 months and then suddenly turning them on, can damage important components. 

4. Right Time, Right Oil

Changing oil before the due date has always been considered healthy for the engine and it is in fact true. Depending on where you live, you might want to consider external factors such as humidity, temperature, and dust etc. Oils contain additives in the form of molecules. These molecules are significantly influenced by the conditions outside. Therefore, if you happen to live in an area or a country that is dusty and hot, consider spending on purchasing better oil and changing it before the due date.

5. Winter Wash

When it is freezing outside, who would want to jump out of bed and give the car a wash? Many people do not do this and are not aware about this either, but you need to give a wash to your car at least once a week to prevent corrosion and rust from taking place. What people are also not aware about is that snow is mixed with dirt particles such as sand and if it happens to stay on the car for a long time, it can damage the body as well. Therefore, make sure that it is given a wash and dried to prevent that from happening.

6. Bumper Guards

Since SUVs are bigger in size, parking and such things become difficult. It is better to splash some cash on bumper guard for SUV as well that will keep it protected.

There are numerous types bumper guard for SUV available designed for specific purposes. As the coverage increases along with features such as stabilizer bars, the price increases as well. So make sure that you keep it protected from little hits and bumps.


Overall, SUVs are not something that you can ignore or neglect. They can make you spend your weekends at the workshop if not looked after. So make sure that you maintain it regularly and install bumper guard for SUV for lowering unnecessary repair costs.

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