What Are the Different Types of Spoilers for Cars?

Spoilers are not only meant to give your car a look but boost its performance as well. You can either love them or hate them but they have been a regular choice amongst car enthusiasts. Let us share some types of car spoilers to give you an insight.

1. Ducktail Rear Spoiler

Rear spoilers are the most popular amongst different types of aftermarket car spoilers. Not only do they enhance the performance of the vehicle but also they are easy to install as well while the sportier look being an added advantage. Selecting the right type of performance that both suits your car and boosts its aerodynamic ability is a matter of choice and knowledge.

While installing the right one can provide advantages, installing the wrong one can have negative effects. Cars that do not have a spoiler has air coming over the roof and travelling along the rear edges. While it does that, it produces two things, which car enthusiasts do not like

Drag and lift. This is where spoilers like Ducktail jump in. As the name suggests, they look like a duck’s tail and they are hard to ignore. Emphasizing the Ducktail appearance, the spoiler sometimes does not even cover the entire trunk. It pops out from the trunk with a shape that looks slightly tapered.

2. Pedestal Rear Spoiler

Pedestal spoilers are the most common type of aftermarket car spoilers and are very easy to install since they are simply bolt on. It goes across the trunk, hanging onto it tightly but with a slight gap for the air to pass through. Designed for real-wheel drive cars, the purpose of the spoiler is to create little downforce.

3. Lip Spoiler

As the name suggests, Lip spoilers create a “lip” on the trunk’s edge. It is one of the most subtle accessories when it comes to cars and nowadays they can be seen on quite a number of vehicles. Being small in size, their effectiveness is rather quite impressing. The lip spoiler aims to soften the air exiting across the angles of the rear, which helps in reducing drag and lift. At minimal speeds, they would be ineffective but they do look attractive.

4. Rear Wings

While discussing about spoilers, wings cannot go unnoticed. While both spoilers and wings act to reduce lift, they function differently. Wings aim to deliberately catch airstreams, force them up and the rear down. If you are not someone who likes to work their cars on tracks, then wings might not do well for you as they increase drag. Wings push the vehicle’s rear down and that helps the car gain significant stability while making fast turns.

Other Considerations

Aftermarket accessories like spoilers and wings come in different material types as well. While fiberglass and ABS remain popular, carbon fiber is not that behind since it is becoming a common choice too. As many aftermarket accessories do not come pre-painted, you will need to make sure to get the correct color code for paint that matches.


In the end, it comes down to the budget as well (other than the type) when you are looking for aftermarket car spoilers. If that is not an issue, then the options are wide open for you.

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