3 Essential Tips On Buying a Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers can be a lifesaver in summer and fall season. They are easy to use and a quick solution to clean up the fallen leaves from the trees in your backyard. If you don’t have a leaf blower, you may consider buying it. Here is a guide on how to choose the best leaf blower.

1. Know What You Need It For

Leaf blower and vacuum come in many different shapes and sizes and have some minor difference between each of them. One may be quieter while others may consume less electricity. There are many types of blowers and you should determine what kind and how much work they should do. Smaller jobs like cleaning out the patio or a small yard can be easily done by a handheld leaf blower.

Larger work can be done by backpack leaf blowers as they are strapped onto your back so you can carry these strong blowers with you to clear out a large area for a long duration of time. The professionals use another blower called the walk behind leaf blower.

This is strictly used for professionals as it is the most powerful blower and can send debris like small rocks flying so it is important to clear out the people in that area.

2. Gas and Electric Leaf Blowers

Breaking it down into further types, there are two major types of leaf blowers; gas and electric. Electric leaf blowers are fairly lightweight and easy to carry throughout your lawn. They are the best to carry out small to medium tasks. You can either plug them in which fill restrict your range or have wireless which will be powered by a battery. The main advantage electric leaf blowers have on gas leaf blowers is that they don’t require much maintenance or any fuel to refill yet they don’t have the power to blow air at high speeds.

Gas leaf blowers have a different story altogether. They blow air at very high speeds and they are very effective in cleaning out the debris. Professionally, gas leaf blower and vacuum are preferred. Due to their heavy-duty and incredible workload for a longer duration, they weigh quite a lot and are costlier than the electric ones. They also require refueling for them to work however, they consume less fuel so it runs for a long period.

3. The Noise Effect

Before buying a leaf blower, you may have to consider how much noise it creates. Some of you may often wake up to a noise of a leaf blower that your neighbor has turned on. So yeah, leaf blowers can be quite noisy especially the gas leaf blower. Electric leaf blowers, due to their less power, are quieter but not by much. There are a unit decibels labelled onto the leaf blower packaging where you can determine how loud the blower will be. Also, you may need to check with the laws of certain communities or states on the usage of leaf blowers.


A leaf blower and vacuum is an absolute essential appliance to have in your shed and this guide will help you in making up your mind in buying this machine.

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