Anti Candida Meal Plan – What It Contains? And Does It Work?

Candida diet is recognized not only because of its significance as a treatment for candida overgrowth but also for the challenges it holds and the misconception that shrouds it. People find the candida diet food list ambiguous when it comes to deciding which foods to savor and which ones to avoid.

This doubt often leaves people confused, facing constant hungriness, and trouble in overcoming their candida and yeast infection issues.  To deal with candida symptoms is overwhelming alone, adding a strict anti-candida diet meal plan with ineffective recipes adds on to the discomfort and suffering. Here is all that you need to know about candida diet, so you can effortlessly walk through the diet plan with results that satisfy you.

At a rudimentary level, avoiding sugar is part of the plan. Sugar is cut off as it is one of the major factors that propels candida overgrowth. The candida yeast cells look for sugar to build their cell walls, fill in its colonies and transform into their more virulent, fungal form.

There are three parts to the anti candida meal plan.

  1. Detox

This is the cleansing phase where you have to religiously follow the diet along with the consumption of lots of water and some detox drinks. These help out in the cleansing of the colon and vanquishing any possible candida colonies.

A strict diet comprising of raw salads, steamed vegetables, various herbs, spices, and oil to liven up your meals. Although the diet is strict, you will end up feeling rejuvenated, light, and healthy. And, it is just for few days before you move onto the next stage.

  1. The Anti Candida Diet Meal Plan Begins

This is the most important stage where you follow a balanced diet and eliminate sugary and starchy food, most fruits, caffeine, all in all, anything that contains high Glycemic Load. The noteworthy point is that you need to eat from “yes Foods” and avoid the “No Foods.”  Any food that your body rejects has to be kept away. Certain foods actually fight Candida and have to be incorporated into your diet. These are classified as antifungals or probiotics.

‘Yes’ Foods:

  • All meats (No pork)
  • All Fresh Fruits with the exception of oranges
  • Eggs
  • Brown rice and brown rice cakes
  • Tea or Coffee

‘No’ Foods:

Foods that you won’t find on the yes list have to be avoided which means you have to bid farewell to all sugary foods.

  • The Meal replacements powders, smoothies, shakes
  • Yeast and dairy products
  • All grains (exception brown rice)
  • Dried Fruits and dates
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Blended fruit of any kind
  • Fruit juices as well as the sweet vegetable juices
  • Nuts, seeds, etc.
  • Legumes
  • Popcorn
  • Soy sauce and vinegar
  • Alcohol
  • Bread even the brown rice bread
  • Pasta and pasta substitutes (all kinds)
  • Chips (any kind including brown rice flour), all junk foods
  • Substitutes of sugar

This has to be followed by a few weeks to several months, this depends solely on how strongly you follow your diet and the effectiveness of the probiotics and antifungals.

  1. Reintroducing Food To Your System

When you are done with beating Candida once and for all, it is not wise to jump back to your old diet immediately. The one which was the originator of your Candida overgrowth.

Slowly and gradually turn to certain foods. Start off with low sugar fruits and vegetables before you completely or partly move on to it. Well, you certainly won’t turn to it completely. Make sure you consume a healthy diet even after you recover. Your health certainly is worth missing out few of the treats. Consume less so you can eat for long since an excess of everything is bad!

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