Top 8 Most Successful Mobile Games You Must Know About

After a number of years of successful mobile games being released on the market, the trend of comparing the games regardless of their time frames is observed, and that is exactly what you shall see in this article.

Just because a game succeeded the other does not mean that the previous one could not have been better, and that is essentially why this article shall count down the top 8 mobile games which have been around since quite or have just been released. Gear up for an intense ride of revelation!

  1. Super Mario Run

This series has never disappointed people with any released, but the summer release version of 2016 was something that people take with them to this day. With simply one touch dynamics but a fast game with incredible graphics, it is indeed a fan favorite today with multiple top ratings on IGN and CNET.

  1. Pokémon Go

2016, as stated above, was a year of mobile game successes. Nintendo ended up creating a world of Pokémon around individuals who were fond of catching and creating their own collections. The game is based on land dynamics, real timings, and the ability to catch different Pokémon worldwide, and still has a significant following.

  1. Football Manager

There was one limitation that mobile sports games were unable to account for; club transfers and other related politics. Football manager was the bridge which connected these two barriers and allowed the managers of tomorrow to start creating their teams and managing them in competitive times. The 2017 version of the game also include Polish and Turkish clubs and is most definitely worth the few dollars’ investment.

  1. Snake

This is not a special mention and neither is it an honor title in the list of the most successful mobile games; when there was nothing, Snake was the game which kept people occupied with its simple yet captivating and challenging gameplay. Though a number of related versions were released later on, nothing could compete with the real game which tested your reflexes at their best.

  1. Minecraft

Nothing can possibly be more interesting for kids (and sometimes even for adults) than a game which can be used to develop your own little world where you are managing everything from construction to ownership. Minecraft allows you endless possibilities to experiment with our in-game creative selves.

  1. Subway Surfers

To this day people are still obsessed with beating the high scores of their friends on Subway Surfers, and it comes as no surprise because with each new version the display of the game keeps getting better and better. Because of the simple nature of the gameplay, it is a fan favorite simply because it can be played whenever wherever.

  1. Crossy Road

Whether you manage the chicken or the penguin inside the game, there is a little guilt when the little thing gets run over. And this attachment people have drawn to this free game makes it one which will not run out of style anytime soon.

  1. Plants Vs Zombies

When we talk about a timeless range of successful mobile games, Plants Vs Zombies is a no-brainer (Get it?) because of its ability to keep you occupied for hours with the incredible detail and creativity the developers have put into this masterpiece. Brains, anyone?

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