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Top 5 SEO Mistakes You Are Making That Is Affecting Your Business

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. It is crucial to websites in a sense that search engine algorithms are dependent on it to rank and index your website in their respective database.

The following article will inform you about the top SEO mistakes people make which are a downfall of their business. If you are still unsure, try consulting the best SEO company in Long Island.

1. Not Taking The Help of SEO Tools

There are quite a number of free and premium software, available to inform you about the statistics of your website. You can predict your optimization based on the data revealed by the software.

A good example of a SEO software is “Google Analytics”. It lets you measure your ROI as well as track videos, images, and networks of your website.

Many websites are awesome in nature but they suffer from poor traffic because they don’t take help from such tools.

2. Poor Content

A large portion of SEO depends upon good content. A lot of websites try to copy other websites. The search engine algorithms see through this debacle and place your website in lower ranks.

Hire good content writers to write your website. Place emphasis on keywords to improve your ranking even better.

The signs of a goodly written content include original and flowy content which would capture the imagination of the reader.

3. Not Having Any Strategy for Local SEO

If you are running a business that is placed dependent, local search optimization matters. Google and some other search engines handle local search optimization a little different. It is important to learn about that before making any move.

Include region specific keywords inside meta descriptions. You’ll also want to create a coherence between meta descriptions and title words. Be sure to include addresses and local phone numbers on the pages (such as header and footer). This will improve your overall local search rankings.

Consult best SEO company in Los Angeles for better optimization.

4. No Uniqueness In Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Countless websites have a same old boring title for multiple pages.

Each page of your website deserves a unique title because they are shared on social media websites as well as they count in SEO.

Meta descriptions have a 320 character sales pitch within the search results. Make sure to edit each meta description of each page and fill them with persuasive words.

5. Ignoring The Quality of Placed Links

There are many nefarious ways through which you can increase the number of links on your website but the question is, are those links better in terms of quality?

Prefer quality over quantity. One link from a popular blog may have a 1000x effect in your rankings as compared to thousands of meager quality links.

Focus on getting the links which are appropriate to your blogposts, do not contain links to adult sites and do not have a lot of outgoing links.

A free tool like SEOquake checks the strength caliber of incoming links and web domains. Additionally, the best SEO company in Long Island can help you with search engine optimization.


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