8 Things To Know Before Buying A New Phone

There are various smartphone companies which are producing technologically advanced mobile phones. Some people buy expensive smartphones just so they can flaunt it. But there are those who buy them for their needs. They are various phone available at different price ranges. Buying a smartphone has become very easy because you can find any smartphone in your budget. But before you can buy it, you should know these things first:

  1. The Processor

A phone’s processor matters a lot. It will decide the speed of your phone. Speed has become a priority while buying a new phone. There are various processors including Quad Core and Octa Core. But if you don’t need a faster speed, you can simply select the lower processor. If you play a lot of games on the phone, you will need a faster processor.

  1. Battery Capacity

You should always get a phone with a long battery life. This is an important element that you should look for in a phone. Select the phone which has the battery capacity of lasting at least one whole day. Otherwise, you will be recharging your phone twice a day. There are smartphones available in the market with 5000-mAh battery unit. This is more than sufficient.

  1. Display

You should know what type of display you will need. There are IPS and super AMOLED display. Majority of the people use super AMOLED display because it gives a brighter and colorful outlook. Samsung uses this display in all of its phones.

  1. Android or iOS

Many people think that only iPhones are the best smartphones. But there are plenty of other options for Android phones which are performing the same as an iPhone. You should know that there are better phones which are not produced by Apple.

  1. Consider Telstra Mobile Phone Deals

Telstra home phone and internet bundles deals can make your life easier. There are various deals with the mobile plan attached. You can look at the website and search for the Telstra mobile phone deals. You can also save a little money.

  1. Get the Right Size

If you like bigger phones, you will most likely choose 5.5 inches or bigger display. There are smaller phones available. But it depends upon your preference which screen display size you will need. Some people like smaller phones and they buy 5 inches or smaller display size.

  1. Camera Specifications

Not many people consider the camera specifications before buying a new phone. But there are some of them who choose a phone based on its camera technology. Look for dual lenses and optical image stabilization, along with the megapixels. Consider the aperture size as well, because lower aperture numbers are better.

  1. Pick A Storage

You should buy a phone with at least 32GB of internal storage. Nowadays, 16GB memory is not enough. You can also buy a higher storage phone like 64 or 128GB. In addition to bigger ROM, you will need a bigger RAM as well. Do not settle for less than 3GB of RAM.

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