You Will Regret If You Never Used These 5 Free DICOM Viewers

When you are dealing with radiology images, a high-end DICOM viewer can make a big difference. It can result in a quick recovery of your loved ones or patient. Thus, if you are still working with outdated viewers, it is time to switch to these five toppers.


AMIDE is among the best of DICOM online viewer. If you are a Linux user, this will give you a smooth experience with all medical images. No matter what format your images come with, it can display them with details.

The best thing about this free DICOM viewer is its importing power. This viewer can import 8, 16, 32bit, and even float data. Moreover, it can also import Acr/NEMA 2.0, Analyze (SPM), ECAT 6 or 7, and GIF87a and 89a. The viewer works on MacOSX, Windows, and Linux.

2. Navegatium DICOM Viewer

This viewer is one of the most easy-to-use in the market. You will feel super comfortable while working with the intuitive user interface. Moreover, it can reconstruct any X-ray, 2D, or 3D images with manipulative imaging tools.

This multi-platform viewer works with Windows 8.1 and 10. Additionally, you can use it on your PC, laptop, or even in the tablet. Are you looking to download it? Visit the website of Navegatium and get it. How convenient is that?

3. JiveX DICOM Viewer


This is a real multi-functional viewer. You can get the DICOM viewer free of cost but with endless facilities. Not only radiology images, you can also view ECG and even reports in PDF. However, they have to be in a DICOM format and preferably support a DICOM cloud storage.

Did you get your images through an email attachment? No problem, you can load it like a breeze. Moreover, if your GP gives you a CD or DVD you can still load and see what is going on. These are among the best features of this Windows-based viewer. 

4. Sante DICOM Viewer


Are you planning to use your desktop to view the radiology images? Then get the Sante DICOM viewer. This freeware viewer will work from any CD or DVD without any installation. Besides, you do not have to install any other software like Java Scripts or .NET.

This open DICOM viewer supports almost every modalities, including MR, CT, NM, MG, CR, and many more. No matter how old the DICOM file format is, this Windows base viewer can open that.   

5. DICOMPyler


This web-based DICOM viewer is ultra-light for multiple functions. You can view MR, CT, or even PET images with it. Additionally, it will display disable DICOM tree formats along with anonymizer for patients.

Are you out of town while your loved ones or patient having a diagnosis? It is not a big deal when you have DICOMPyler. It comes with remote viewing features.

This open software is developed on Python. Thus, if you are a Python enthusiast, making some tweaks in the code will not be a big issue. You can use it any Linus, Windows, or Mac OSX platform.

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