4 Dirtiest Things in Your Home

It’s true that on weekdays from our study table’s chair to our living room, everything is a mess! But on weekends we make sure to spend an hour at least on cleaning this monster mess. But do you know what? Even on weekends there are some places we tend to forget and when once in a blue moon we reach these areas that are always blurred out when cleaning the house, there’s an undiscovered world of black dust there. That’s when we realize toilet seats are surely not the dirtiest thing in our house. Don’t agree with me? Follow this list.

1. Sofa Cushions

How about putting a hand between the attached cushions in your sofa? Found treasure? I’m pretty sure you must have found a few popcorns and coins hidden under a thick layer of dust. Now that you have realized how important it is to get rid of this new dusty world, grab your vacuum and remove all seat cushions and get started because you obviously don’t want to face an embarrassing moment if your friends drop her key in the gap on your next movie night.

If your sofa is too old, you can get it removed too with the help of junk removal services, you can also search ‘waste disposal services near me’.

2. Dish Sponge

Now, how about paying a closer look into your kitchen. It’s super clean, right? Actually no! Pay a closer look at that dirty, germ loaded dish sponge in your sink. Embarrassed? It is okay we are all in the same boat. Now quickly fill a bowl with 1 cup of hot water, half a cup of white vinegar and 3 tbsps. of salt and soak your sponge in this mixture overnight. Too disgusted? Cannot wait for the whole night to pass? Then soak your sponge until it’s completely wet and then microwave it for 2 minutes on high. Congratulations! Your sponge is now bacteria free.

3. Toothbrush Holder

The next move is to rush to your toilet and pay a closer look at that inner part of your toothbrush holder. Shocked plus grossed out? Because once upon a time it used to be white?) Did you know that according to the 2011 NSF study toothbrush holder in the 3rd most germ-infected place in your home? I’m sure you don’t want to get sick and miss work. Right? So quickly rinse the holder with hot water then use a pipe cleaner. Finally, pour some anti-bacterial mouth wash in the holder and after letting it sit for 3-5mins wash it up with clean water and dry!

4. Makeup Pouch

Are you a makeup fanatic? And a compulsive buyer when it comes to cosmetic? How about emptying those jam-packed makeup pouches? Did you notice that your translucent powder, beauty blender, and eye glitters have changed the color of your pouch from the inside (remember you were in a hurry and didn’t close them properly the last time you used them?) So here’s the result of all those quick runs. Also, did you know that this beauty blender is actually a germ blender since you take the pouch outside and haven’t washed it in 2 weeks? To avoid any skin problems please wash your makeup pouch and beauty blender on a frequent basis. (Hygiene in makeup is very important!)

As we talked about junk removal and garbage disposal services near me services, they are good at removing stuff. So, keep this in mind when you think that your old microwave is of no use, again.

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