How to Avoid Identity Theft?

Want to secure you identify online? Read below.

1. Phishing

One of the tricks used by fraudsters is to redirect the victim to a page that looks exactly like your usual google login page, you normally get an email which states that your account has seen suspicious activity followed by a link underneath, it takes you to a page that looks exactly like a google login page, you put in your login password and the damage has been done, be sure to delete any email that you are not sure of or feel suspicious about. When you buy cheap sim only plans, beware of this.

2. Fake Job Offers

A new trick in the book is that you get an email informing you that you have been selected for a job which in reality you never applied for, since the job offer is from a noted company it makes one fill the application form etc. later you hear it from your friends that they too got the email and it was nothing but a fraud, if possible notify the company and spread it around to your family members and social circles to prevent it from happening.

3. ATM Skimming

Just a regular day, you walking into the ATM to draw some cash but you don’t notice anything unusual, later on during the day you get a notification informing you that transactions are being made, upon finding out you come to know that fraudsters are now installing skimming devices in ATMs that track your passwords, so it is suggested to visit the particular ATM of the Bank you have your account in, chances are that they are scam free and cover the keypad if you look around and see there’s nothing keeping it private.

4. Lock and Secure Everything

From making your very first email account and buying cheap sim only plans to getting up after using your personal computer be sure that you have locked and secured it with a strong password, try setting up alert notifications that inform you in case there’s suspicious activity, make sure that you have latest anti-virus software running that are constantly updating themselves.

5. Wipe Hard Drives and Flash Drives

Before handing over your Flash Drives to your friend be very sure to clean or transfer the important data to your PC at the same time it is important for you to flush your hard drives whenever you plan on selling your PC or disposing it off or even sending it for repairs.

6. Review Your Bank Account Transactions

Be sure to ask your bank to send you the list of your Bank account transactions, you can compare them with the receipts of the purchases to see if in case any unauthorized transactions are taking place.

7. Store Mail in a Safe Place

While you are away on a vacation using best SIM only plans, contact your Bank to hold the Mail for a while or if you are at home be sure to collect mail every day, it doesn’t take time for someone to open your mailbox and walk away with personal information.


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