Tips For Maintenance After Installing Artificial Grass

Caring for your lawn is something that can take up a lot of your time. There is so much to take care of and making it look healthy is the real challenge everyone with artificial grass faces.

Although artificial grass takes up lesser time for maintenance when compared to natural grass but grooming sure can take a chunk of your time. Artificial grass grooming makes it last longer and keeps it looking natural.

Here are some tips discussed that can help you in the maintaining process after the installing artificial grass:

  1. Get The Right Tools

The very first thing you would need to do for your artificial grass maintenance has the right tools for cleaning up. Just because you are installing artificial grass doesn’t mean you don’t need maintenance or grass cleaning tools. A stiff brush, a rake, leaf blower and a hose are still required for it.

  1. Brush Daily

This is something you need to do every single day as removing all the debris and dust from the grass will make it much more durable. Not just this make sure you remove any fallen leaves too. If you don’t remove the leave they will decompose and will regenerate into weeds and moss. Using a weed killer is not appropriate as there are chances it might damage the turf. Do regular cleaning and make sure everything is on the grass.

  1. Clean Up After Your Furry Friends

Own a pet? Sounds cute but you won’t find it amusing when your artificial grass is getting dirty because of them. Sure they need their time to play but you need to watch out they don’t litter around. Always keep pooper scoopers and plastic bags around so you can immediately clean up. In case you still find the patch smelly then take white vinegar and lukewarm water solution and pour it over the area so the odors are neutralized.

  1. Shower Some Water

To clean up you can also use water sprinklers to remove the dirt, pollen or dust from the grass. You can either use sprinklers for that or use a hose to evenly distribute water all over the grass so the dust gets cleaned up.

  1. In Case Of Moss Or Weed

If you find moss or weed growing somewhere in your grass patch, then there is no other option than to spray for it. These things grow naturally and won’t stop until you do something about them. You can prevent these by getting the regular inspection of your grass patch. Places like shaded areas and damp weather areas are to be examined thoroughly as they are more likely to develop such plants. Using chemicals for this should be done with precise care and by methods only recommended by the manufacturer. You can spray the turf thrice in each month for prevention of weeds and moss.

So, in case you are wondering how to clean up installing artificial grass then above mentioned tips and suggestions can help you do so.

Follow the routine and keep your turf clean!

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