Types of Landscape Plants

When you have finally decided to landscape in your backyard or garden, you have to decide on some landscape plants. There is a world full of landscape plants and you will face a hard time selecting a few. But, you will have to make wise decisions based on your:

  • Cost
  • Weather conditions
  • Area of your backyard or garden
  • Your personal preference
  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Whether you need a boundary, shade or want to plant fruits and vegetables.

It is better if you select the landscape plants which are low maintenance, grow fast and thrive well in all climates. Listed below are the types of landscape plants which you can choose.

  1. Groundcovers

You will need to start with the base and ground cover is perfect for an added show. It is a dense carpet-like greenery for the garden and lighter than grass. There are many different types of ground cover and you should select the one which is fast growing and according to the sunlight in your area, how much of water and maintenance you are going to provide to the ground cover is also a factor. You can also go for a ground cover for the borders or surrounding the walkway.

  1. Trees

Go for trees which are locally found in your area and thrive well in your specific weather conditions. Always go for a fast-growing tree so you can get a good sunshade and a wall for privacy as well. When planting trees, go for evergreen trees as they shed little waste and look beautiful all year round.

  1. Shrubs

These are small trees, almost less than 15m in height. They take on different habitats which include upright, cascading, rounding, spreading and mounded. It is best to plant dense shrubs which can be pruned into shape like ornaments.

  1. Annuals

As the name says these plants are to be planted every year. These plants do not rebloom and die out and fall to the ground. You have a wide variety of choices and beautiful designs and colors for planting. They are available in nearly thousands of colors which bloom into beautiful flowers. Gardeners take these perennials as prized possessions.

  1. Vines

These are also known as climbing or growing plants and are the gymnastics of the plant world. They should be ideally planted along a wall, a fence or a boundary as they climbing and turn to extremely long lengths and can even rope areas. Some of the vines are annual while some are also perennials. They look beautiful just like a decoration piece.

Apart from these, you can grow other flower beds or even aquatic plants or pond plants if you have a small pool or pond. Other than that, you can also grow seasonal fruits, herb, and vegetables.

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