6 Natural Ways to Get Mice Out of Your House

1. Proper Food Storage

Unattended and unpacked food is what draws mice to your home. Mice are drawn to the smell of food which is open to the air. So keeping your food and ingredients sealed in jars and in proper containers will save you from the trouble of having to greet your uninvited furry friends. In this way, you will starve mice and deprive them of food. Mice usually invade houses in search of food, so keeping food items away and stored neatly and tightly will keep the mice away from food and they will starve.

2. Filling of Holes

Does your house walls have patches or small holes? Are the end of your doors cracked? Seal them right away. It is quite possible that mice might invade your house through these holes and cracks. Mice can crawl through any size of hole or crack. The best trick to keep mice away from your home is to make sure all their possible entries are blocked. This means you have to seal all holes and cracks. You can use normal cement or wall fillers to fill in the walls.

3. Using Peppermint Oil

Mice are wary to the scent of peppermint. They actually are repelled by its strong smell. You can take some peppermint oil on cotton pads and place them in your kitchen cabinets, holes and possible entry points of mice. It will repel them. This is one of the best proven tricks you can use to draw mice out of your house.

4. Using Peanut Butter

Mouse traps are, by far, the most effective way to capture and kill mice. But you can make mice draw towards the mouse trap more easily and that is by adding some peanut butter as bait. Mice are drawn to peanut butter so adding it increases the possibility of the mouse trap to catch and kill mice.

5. Steel Wool

Mice will normally eat their way through any soft material placed in the entry points, but packing your holes with steel wool will cause mice to hurt their mouths. In this way mice cannot get through steel wool and it will cause them to stop trying to get in your house. Steel wool is better than filling cracks with cloths or any other material.

6. Using Onions

Mice are repelled by the strong smell of onions as well. You can leave out some fresh onions in the possible entry points of mice, they will run away from the smell of onions. Some things you have to keep in mind about onions is that:

  • Onions rot very easily. They have a smaller shelf life.
  • Onions can be bad for other pets.

So, make sure that you keep onions away from the reach of other pets. If cats or dogs ingest them, it will be toxic for them. Also, make sure to replace your onions after every few days to avoid rotting onions lying around and producing smell in your house.

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