Evaluating The Effects of Using Hard Water

Hard water is water that contains calcium and magnesium ions. When in one gallon of water, you find more than one grain of these minerals, that water is known as hard water. The main cause of water hardness is the natural minerals dissolved in water. Briefly, the quantity of dissolved magnesium and calcium in water is described as water hardness. Hard water can present serious problems in commercial production and sale of goods. It is not considered harmful for human’s health at all, although as a matter of fact, it does has a huge effect on skin and hair, which tells us that searching for “am I in a hard or soft water area” is a valid behavior.

Effects of Hard Water on Your Hair

How complexed women nowadays have become about their looks and I wonder if you figure out about to what extent the hard water can be harmful to your hair, you wouldn’t be very happy to know the side effects certainly. Let’s get to know few of them;

  1. After giving a thorough in-depth rinse wash to your hair with hard water, the present minerals in hard water would leave your hair bland and would look like completely washed-out.
  2. It would leave the scalp pretty dry.
  3. It would make your hair thinner.
  4. It would also cause hair breakage.

Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin

  1. If there is a white soap in your bathroom and you are using hard water to wash any part of your body, you will eventually notice that the white soap is going to scum all over the bathroom. The way hard water clogs the pipelines it clogs up the pores of your skin.
  2. Clogged pores can give you acne overnight.
  3. The same soap having scum can make you feel itchy and irritated.
  4. Several dermatologists suggest that the impurities found in the hard water lead to damage the skin cells.
  5. It also tends to give wrinkles and fine lines.
  6. In real terms, it leaves your skin very dry.

Effects of Drinking Hard Water

Hard water doesn’t have any potential source of danger to your health so it is not at all a health hazard.

Generally drinking hard water doesn’t have any side effects and is considered absolutely safe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that intake of hard water which has calcium and magnesium in good amount can be beneficial for health.

Few studies have shown that there are several health conditions that intensify the disease, due to an intake of hard water, which includes:

  1. Cancer
  2. Diabetes
  3. Cardiovascular disease and many others

The main concerns you should have about Hard Water:

  1. The ugly stains on your porcelains are given by specifically iron, you must use vinegar to avoid such spots immediately as there is a danger of them reappearing.
  2. It is an absolute indication if your water tastes different than usual.
  3. A bad odor in water is also giving you a sign for water conditioning.
  4. Another gloomy side of having hard water in your house is the fact that your clothes are not getting clean because you are using the scum soap, which is no help.

So now is a good time to search: am I in a hard or soft water area?

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