5 Ways Mobile Technologies Can Improve Healthcare

1. Medication Compliance

Medication Compliance is very crucial for patients during the recovery process. Medicines prescribed by doctors should be taken consistently, considering there’s no room for mis-management. Mobile technology can help patients in terms of sending them messages and informing about their medicines and as to how and when to take them. Moreover, DICOM PACS systems can make it easier to keep data of patients for alerts later with mobile tech.

It can also foresee when a patient’s prescription will run out and then send a reminder. Finally, it can simply send messages to the patient reminding them about the timings of their medicines. It will also on the same hand record when the patient actually took the medicine.

2. Post-Treatment Understanding

A patient when discharged from the hospital is handed over a lot of documents and papers. Mobile technology can provide hospitals and patients with the opportunity to monitor post-treatment instructions. The most important aspect i.e. the medication accuracy, will also be helped with. In quite a lot of cases, the patient is not really into researching and knowing about the medicines he/she is taking prescribed by the doctor. As a result, they might start taking double dosage of the same medicine that can land them in hospital as quickly as they first got in.

3. Health Information Access to Patients

Mobile technology can help provide patients information regarding health. Inaccessible to anyone else, it can provide stored information anytime and anywhere. Such facility allows and enables interaction between patient and doctor post-treatment so that the doctor is updated with the latest information and the patient can also clear any inquiries if needed. A lot of medical institutions nowadays allow patients to download their reports online. The report can easily be accessed from anywhere and then printed. Hence removing the hassle of physically visiting and waiting in line for you reports.

4. Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles via Mobile Technology

Health maintenance applications on smartphones nowadays is a huge step forward in the health word. Smartphones nowadays come built-in with applications that monitor your heart rate and calories etc. With the use of DICOM PACS systems by hospitals and doctors, mobile technology can further grow. What DICOM Cloud 9 PACS cloud systems could do is to connect with mobile apps and provide better advices to patients.

Furthermore, smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung have also come up with their wrist watches that can be of significant help in terms of health maintenance. Google Store, offers a variety of applications that guide you step by step about the types of exercises and how to perform them. It is also a great opportunity for fitness freaks out there who cannot afford to go to the gym and prefer doing workouts at home.

5. Mental Health Patient Companions

Mobile application developers every day are working on providing and innovating something new that facilities every type of patient. Research and development is also being done to cater mental health patients who suffer from different types of disorders. People who are suffering from disorders like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can download the applications and use it when their therapists are not available.

The application will guide them through mental and physical exercises to calm themselves down. Similarly, there are applications out there that help a patient with negative thoughts by providing them assistance to think positively via proper guidance and step by step instructions.

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