Is Diesel Still a Good Choice for the Year 2019?

For different purpose vehicles, diesel can still be a perfect pick

The straight forward answer to the above statement will be a no if seen in the present circumstances. But wait a minute, are the new rules going to be employed in 2020? Yes, but why spend money on a thing which is going to face the strict rules in just a year’s time? The issue is not the fuel type actually.

The main issue is what is happening to our environment and what else can happen if even the minor problems are not tackled properly. It is not just the diesel which can be havoc there are other things also and they are also under check.

The major reason for all the matter is the Volkswagen diesel scandal and from then on things got rough for the diesel car owners. There have been many checks from then on and even discontinuation of the production of these fuel type cars.

Diesel is not at all a bad choice for your vehicle but the thing is that does it measure up to the current emission levels that are not harmful to the atmosphere we breathe in. If yes then you can for sure have and run the vehicle with freedom.

What was the scandal all about?

Without going into many details the simplest way to describe the Volkswagen trial is that it was all about the defect devices being installed which gave a false reading of the emissions.

Since 2005 this company was installing these devices so that their diesel cars can be declared safe according to the “green” concept. As the trial commenced the company admitted within a month that the allegation was true.

The result was that Volkswagen had to revise 2 million cars and get them right for the scale and put them for sale in the market afterwards; a hectic procedure indeed but the right thing to do. From then on there has been mistrust for the fuel and the after-effects are still present even after such a long time.

Should it have an effect on the purchase side?

Well for the conscious buyer it really did have a vast effect. But one thing should be kept in mind that the devices were banned afterwards and the rules revised and tightened.

The present Euro 6 diesel engines are manufactured accordingly and such vehicles that come with these engines have no problem buying. The present share of diesel cars in the UK is 30% in sales which is really low as compared to the popular times.

With the mistake of one company, the whole lot has to suffer. This does not mean however that a patrol car does not emit CO2 in the air, but the levels are kept under control.

The high level of nitrogen the diesel engines produce has an adverse effect. But the issue is that these engines would have been still trustworthy and things got handled in the best ways if that major blow did not happen.

Is the beloved diesel going to be pushed out of the market?

No not at all as the market is vast for the diesel vehicles and you cannot pick them from every part of the world and simply throw them away. The fuel efficiency related to these engines is still unmatched if compared to the petrol ones.

But the alternative is there for sure in the shape of the hybrid and electric cars. But the load carrying vehicles are mainly powered by the diesel engine and replacing every vehicle engine is not a wise move at all.

What is needed is that the companies must follow the emission levels and must earnestly try to keep those levels in control not only in papers but on roads too. The taxes for the vehicles have increased further and there are more sums to be paid yearly than before.

Despite all the negativity associated with it, a complete washout will be an inappropriate move.

Areas where a diesel-powered vehicle is inevitable

If you are a personal car owner then avoiding this duel type will not be a problem at all as there are alternatives for such purpose vehicles. But when it comes to commercial or business use diesel is a powerful fuel and affordable also.

Vehicles used for long journeys, rural areas, towing and the larger vehicles all need it to get into action with the force exactly needed. The new diesel cars have to meet the Euro6 and Euro7 tough laws without which they will not be operational.

The importance of these transports cannot be ignored as they occupy a large area of business. Without them, the situation at the business end is hard to imagine.

The tough situation giving rise to new ways

It will never be a good idea to stop production of such vehicles but to make these compatible with the present rules something has to be done. The new technologies are being used to make these engines according to the new standards.

And the companies are being successful in doing so. There are positive vibes and something new is being tried out which means there are new technologies still evolving.

All this is being done to keep Earth safe and a better place to breathe otherwise what use of these vehicles when the ones using them will no longer is able to use them. Not only these companies have to play their role to keep the upcoming era a healthy one; we also have to be patient and do our duties well.

Should you buy diesel-powered cars?

Oh yes of course. But you should be very careful with some points so as to not get into trouble and also the money spent gets wasted. First and foremost check if the emission levels are according to the new law.

If not then outright reject the purchase as you are going to buy trouble with it. Try to make the newer ones affordable for you as these are tested according to the present needs to leave the doubtful part aside.

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