5 Activities You Must Include in Your Southeast Asian Trip

“As you move through this life…you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you.”-Anthony Bourdain

Known for its exotic grandeur and diversity, Southeast Asia is revered and well-regarded as a premier tourist destination.

Considered as a melting pot of all sorts, it would be no wonder why so many solo travelers, backpackers and globetrotters would make it their primary destination. In fact, novice solo travelers and backpackers would begin their long meandering sojourn in Southeast Asia as it offers a variety of activities and stunning sights that will be sure to entice and enthrall them. Indeed, a visit to this content is an excellent avenue to a hodgepodge of delights—from busy and busy metropolitans, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking beaches and small ethnic villages, Southeast Asia has quite a lot in its sleeve to offer travelers. Regarded as a gateway to adventure (and an avenue to breaking out of conventional trips), any trip to Southeast Asia is bound to be entrancing and addictive—so much so, that you would surely want to visit again once the trip is over.

However, as Southeast Asia is blessed with a myriad of natural wonders (and quite a lot of unique activities to do as well), planning out a cohesive travel itinerary might be a little challenging. After all, wit so many things to do and quite a lot to see, it can get a tad bit overwhelming. Not to worry though, from seeing the bustling cosmopolitan life in Makati to swimming in Bali, here are some of the things you must absolutely include in your Southeast Asian travel itinerary:

1) See the sights of Coron Island, Philippines 

One of the exciting places to visit in Southeast Asia is the Philippines. With 7, 107 islands, you are bound to discover a lot of places that are sure to thrill you. As the Philippines is known to be a very diverse country, you can expect one place to be vastly different from another. Where metropolitan such as Makati City would have a bustling nightlife, you can expect beach capitals such as Coron to be a little more subdued but rich in marine and aquatic life. However, if there is a place you must include in your travel itinerary it should be to see the entrancing lakes of Coron. Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda are Coron’s natural gem and a must-visit to any traveler in the country.

2) Hike in Vietnam 

Apart from being known for its world-famous Pho, Vietnam is also known for its stunning and majestic scenery. In fact, you can expect to see something fascinating at almost every turn so be sure to prepare your cameras for it. Indulge your inner shutterbug by drinking in the aesthetic sights of wonderfully formed rice terraces and breathtaking valleys surrounded by thick mist. See it all by taking a brief hike and marveling at the beautiful rugged scenery.

3) Experience solitude in Bali, Indonesia 

If a solo sojourn in Southeast Asia is what you have in mind then Bali should definitely make it to the top of your list. With sandy beaches, alluring rice terraces and a myriad of landscapes of mountains and hills, there is certainly quite a lot to do in Bali—especially for anyone who is traveling alone. Invigorate your soul and break out of your shell by taking the journey alone. Besides, with Bali’s unique culture complemented by various sights, you will likely forget that you are taking this journey all by your lonesome.

4) Go on a Food Trip in Malaysia 

A trip to Southeast Asia would not be complete without having a gastronomic adventure! Go on an epicurean journey before you head home and do it in the place where the food is globally-acclaimed whether it is served in restaurants or in street food stalls, Malaysia. Known as the food mecca of the world, Penang Malaysia is a food nirvana of all sorts. It is teeming with a wide array of dishes that would surely delight all of your senses. Gastronomic offerings such as spicy curries, tasty soups and the like are just a fraction of what you can eat here. Furthermore, you can already indulge yourself and have a feast without spending too much.

5) Go shopping and see the Supertrees in Singapore

Known as Asia’s shopping haven, never miss a trip to Southeast Asia without making a pitstop at Singapore for their famed series of malls. Go ahead and indulge your inner shopaholic and while you are at that, take photos of the Merlion and the famous Supertrees as well.

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