What’s next for Digital Transformation in 2018?

The new year is coming. Are you ready to continue digital transformation?

IT development will be continued in the following year as well, but it will be faster than now. Even if you know the top 10 IT trends for the next 5 years; you can be surprised with inventions in 2018. Besides the further development of emerged technologies, we can also expect a totally new direction of innovation where might emerged completely new technologies. After all, what we have until recently watched in movies, now is in front of us. Also, what has invented a year or two ago, now is outdated and replaced with more advanced tech solutions.

Therefore, we can just partly predict what’s next for digital transformation in 2018.

Artificial intelligence will definitely mark 2018

Today, all is in information. However, since machines are better at learning than people, we can expect remarkable growth of the AI sector in the next year. It is still emerging, yet, we have already seen that AI potentially is so great that we cannot even imagine its limit right now. It has yet to be seen what AI can give us, but definitely, AI will enter all spheres of our lives and businesses. It will be used in customer service, analytics, robotics, marketing, and other fields. Automation based on AI will bring us much faster and cheaper, yet smarter performing of many business operations. Further AI development is one of the most important top 10 IT trends for the next 5 years.

Internet of Things will reshape boundaries

Today, there are 8.4 billion things on the internet, 30% more than last year. Yet, the point is in what we can get with connecting data through IoT. It will develop in three directions – analytics, edge computing and 5G networks. Data created by IoT will be used for IoT based analytics in almost all areas of our lives, from businesses to smart cities. Giants, like Microsoft, SAS, and IBM have already invested a lot in IoT analytics. Also, from cloud computing, businesses soon will pass to edge computing, with extra-large speed and amount of data. Take a look what Cisco and others have already done in this area. Mobile providers are also preparing for 5G networks. Samsung and Sony are among the first that are introducing Gigabit LTE based on Qualcomm Snapdragon technology which links current LTE and future 5G.

Blockchain continues with disruption

Blockchain has already shown great potential, but this is only the beginning. It is still emerging. Banks and tech startups are developing new ledgers that will, even more, disrupt the financial industry. In meanwhile, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to disrupt the stock market. Yet, since blockchain industry still is not regulated, it is predicted that, globally viewed, only 20% financial companies will use it by 2020

Big data optimization of business processes

Big data analytics provides so many opportunities. You can optimize your business processes or predict your customer behavior and much more. The banking industry is again among the first introducers of novelties in this area, yet, nor other industries are lagging behind. The health sector, for example, has introduced the pay-for-performance model based on big data analytics. Marketing also will become automated. With solutions such as Intercom, companies will be able to, even more, personalize their offer. There would surely be many other improvements in digitalization of business processes that we can only imagine at this point.

Further digitalization of transportation

Large change can be expected in the transportation sector as well. Smart cities have already started to emerge. Take a look at Singapore, Los Angeles or Helsinki, for example. There are also electric, pollution-free cars, autonomous vehicles, self-driving trucks, and other inventions that will continue with further development. A basis of transportation disruption will continue to be data connectivity and shared mobility.

The next year will surely be more productive than 2017. Companies will compete who will be more innovative and further IT development is inevitable. The above-mentioned technologies are among top 10 IT trends for the next 5 years. Yet, we can also expect totally new disruptive technologies. The new year will be tech impressive, no doubt.

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