What Will The Car of The Future Look Like: Cars That Are Worth To Wait

Apparently, future brings us large change in all areas. One of the biggest changes will happen in transportation. Cars of the future will look like totally different than today. An advanced transportation technology will give us cars that are worth to wait.

Take a look what will the car of the future look like.

No more diesel and petrol cars

Some countries have already announced ban sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2040. Others will follow them for sure. The main reason for such decision is to decrease pollution. We are already seriously endangered by air pollution because of CO2 emission. What would be for a decade and even later?

For this reason, governments already are taking actions to prevent an even worse situation than it is now. Similarly, automotive companies look ahead and start to produce eco-friendly cars. Tesla is the leader in this area. It introduced first electric cars and disrupted the whole industry. Now when is known that cars can go on electric power, who needs gasoline?! Following the innovators in this field, other car giants also are turning out to the production of new, electric or hybrid cars.

Yes, electric cars are still expensive, but as advanced transportation technology is developing, the price will go down. But not too much. Cars will be a luxury in the future!

Autonomous cars and car-sharing

In this regard, in future, we will rather share cars than drive ours. No more car traffic jams, large costs for car servicing or sitting around of cars out-of-use in the yard. There would be car-sharing, ride-sharing and bike-sharing service companies to transport you wherever you want. Some of these services already exist. Zipcar, for example, offers cars for use, while Uber and Lyft provide on-customer-demand transport.

Cars will be autonomous as well. Uber and other companies have already invested a lot in their development, while in Europe are already tested autonomous vehicles for the purpose of public transport. They used virtual maps for navigation and reached the speed of 15mph. Yet, a driver was inside, just in case of emergency.

Future autonomous cars will have a computer board with sensors, cameras and will use a lidar system that is similar to a radar system, but will use laser lights. There are still many things to improve to the level that the vehicle can go without a driver. For now, driverless vehicles are still in the starting phase of development.

New car features for smart cities

In line with the transition to smart cities, in future, cars will use a technology that is currently used in other sectors, but also will be developed the new advanced transportation technology. For example, instead of a classic key, cars will use a fingerprint sensor. You will open windows with touchscreen controls, while smart advanced computers on the board of the vehicle will be connected with networks of smart cities. You will be able to communicate with streets or other cars, while you will get all necessary information on the board instantly. Instead of buttons, there will be a voice assistant. Cars also will be autonomous, so you can just sit back and enjoy riding. After electric charging at the nearest station, a car will be ready for the next ride. Indeed impressive, isn’t it?! Mercedes has already represented one such model.

Future transportation will be entertaining, no doubt. With the new advanced transportation technology, cars will be pollution-free and autonomous and will look more like spaceships than like today’s cars. They will have digitalized boards and many other new features adapted to smart cities infrastructure. Thus, buckle up, we’ll ride them soon!

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