Tips to Know About Horos – The Best Free DICOM Viewer

Horos is one of the best free DICOM viewer apps that come from Apple computer. This app is also an open-source and free to use that has been taken by more than ten thousand users globally. The app is being used not just by the clinicians; it’s also being used by lawyers and academic researchers.

Also, those who like to view, and store their medical images, use this app. Also, you can download and use it depending on your reason why you’ll use it for. In this post, we’re going to know the most common uses of Horos. So, you’ll be able to understand why you should use this app.

Use Personally

If you’re a patient with some lethal disease, you need to use this app. It’s because you have to view your medical images using this app. As a result, you should not share the images with a physician or keep it in your home for a long-term. When you have downloaded the app, you’ll get an easy path to use it.

So, you just need to insert your CD or DVD in your system and you have to import the lessons into the app. You’re all set now and you can check your images and data at the leisure. That’s why you don’t need to keep the images on your system anymore.

Use Professionally

When it comes to the uses of professional way, usually the clinicians like to use it. Also, there are more tough considerations at bet, such as data security and compliance. As its right for a compliance viewpoint, you should consider how you should use the app. For example, you should be confident if you’re a healthcare person with this app on your computer.

Also, while using horos in your clinical settings, it may present issues, especially when it comes to the diagnostic capacity. But, you’ll face fewer legal issues if you’re a doctor with private practice. Besides, you should consult with your legal advisor if you’re not sure how to apply local laws to your circumstance.

Learn Managing Imaging Data

If you’re a new user then you should learn the ways to use, handle, and store the imaging data in the right way. As horos has its local database, you can look at that and there are tools to help you all the ways.

Also, you should be very sensitive to the way you’re using and manage your local data. So, you have to encrypt your account and you must use a password to protect your images and data with it. If you do it then you certainly confirm that your data is at the safest place even if you lost or stolen your device.

Bottom Line

Apart from the above-said ways, you have nothing to worry about if you’re using a service of cloud-based DICOM viewer web. On the other hand, you should get help from your colleagues or the community of horos, or some other experts who know about it very well.

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