Which Things Are Recyclable And Which Aren’t?

The recycling process came into practice after the dangers to the environment became imminent. Now the move generally is very good but there are some things which you can and cannot recycle. According to the professional junk removal specialists, products that should be recycled are of the following:


1) Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be recycled if they aren’t messy or greasy. If they are void of any stains then it can be recycled completely.

2) Paper Towels

Paper towels are made of very thin, shredded material. In case if it isn’t too much dirty or has the capacity to go through the processing then it can be recycled. If its strands are too thin then they cannot be recycled because they will simply tear into pieces.

3) Aluminum Products

Aluminum products can be recycled fully because aluminum can withstand high heat and pressure. These abilities make it perfect for the processing. And hence cans and other products are made using the same old aluminum as was originally worked upon.

4) Paper Bags

Paper bags again aren’t much sustainable. According to the junk and furniture removal NYC, paper bags are sometimes completely destroyed or shredded when they go through the machines again. However, in some cases, they can withstand the pressure and are recycled completely.

5) Cords

Cords cannot be necessarily recycled. Sometimes, the electric companies take your used and damaged cords and transform them into something new or otherwise they eradicate them completely.

6) Electric Appliances

These also require a good checkup which tells us whether the material can be recycled or not. Mostly they are repaired and used in the areas or houses which don’t contain such luxuries.

Things Which Cannot Be Recycled

As already discussed, some things simply cannot be recycled. These things usually get stuck in the machines or are destroyed in the process hence doing more harm than good. Best way to deal with this is to just reuse as much as many times you can.

According to the junk and furniture removal company in NYC, following things cannot be recycled:

  1. Styrofoam cups
  2. Plastic bags
  3. Grocery bags
  4. Steel
  5. Bubble wraps
  6. Takeout containers
  7. Wax paper
  8. Dirty napkins or paper
  9. Glass (not the bottle or jar ones but rather the mirror glass)

What’s the Reason?

According to the junk and furniture removal NYC, the above-mentioned products either contain high graded plastic or are already processed or are simply damaged.

  1. Styrofoam cups, plastic bags or bottles, grocery bags and other plastic items cannot be recycled at all. They get stuck in the machine and ruins the working power of it.
  2. Food containers or paper bags cannot be recycled because they are either already processed or are not of the good quality which means it cannot withstand the process of heating and remade again.
  3. A glass is recyclable but when used in mirrors, it is converted into a reflective source. The ingredients used to turn it into a reflective source is the reason it cannot be recycled again.

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