Best Things You Can Do With Your Old Piano

Pianos are sentimental instruments usually inherited or gifted or simply bought for oneself. But like everything else in the world, it can come to its end too. So what to do if you find yourself in a predicament where you have to get rid of your beloved instrument?

Things You Can Do with Your Old Piano

  1. You can either contact the junk piano removal guys to have it taken to the junkyard and/or recycled.
  2. You can tear it down yourself and give away the wood, ivory, and other restorable items.
  3. You can transform the entire thing into a beautiful decoration piece.
  4. You can donate it or give it to charity.
  5. You can fix it and use it again.

1) Junkyard

By allowing the junk piano removal to take responsibility, you will be saying goodbye to your piano forever. If your piano is salvageable, then maybe it can be fixed and given away to someone needy. If not then you’re doing a favor for yourself and others by getting rid of it. Nobody loves a damaged piano. And do not make it hard on anyone by selling them a dead one.

2) Tearing It Down

Most people do that but nowadays you can hardly find anyone willing to buy the wood or anything else. Besides if you destroyed it, then you must have done so for a reason.

3) Decoration Piece

This one is actually helpful. If your piano has truly reached its limit then transform into a decorum. There are millions of ideas available on the internet which can let you transform this instrument into so many wonderful creations. Let’s discuss them in detail.

4) Donating

Give it to charity or put it up for donation only when the piano is still working. If not, then you’re simply doing them more harm than good.

5) Fixing

If you are still reading this article, then it means your piano is beyond the stage of fixing.

More Things You Can Do with An Old Piano

1) Piano Shelf

A piano can be transformed into a bookshelf for kids or adults alike.

2) Piano Tables

Remove the upper parts of the instrument, keeping the keys intact and transform it into a small coffee table.

3) Piano Staircase

This can take a lot of work but the end result will make you very happy. The staircase made by using the piano parts is unique, stylish and a brilliant piece of art.

4) Piano Fountain

Have a small area of scape? Well, turn it up by a notch by keeping a piano fountain over there.

5) Piano Beds or Cribs

Use the piano parts to connect it to your bed hence transforming it. And if the bed doesn’t work, then change it into a tiny crib for your baby or your small pet.

6) Piano Racks

You can make bottle racks from a piano. Just get rid of some of the pieces and the keys and turn it into a rack for your bottles.

Final Verdict

Hence if the junk removal for your old piano doesn’t work for you then try one of the ideas we’ve presented and transform your piano into something wonderful.

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