Types of Virgin Hair Extensions You Should Know About

When it comes to hair extensions, women want longer and thicker hair that has a natural look and feel to it so that other people won’t notice a difference. That’s where virgin hair extensions come in.

Virgin hair extensions are the natural human hair from hair donors which are free from all sorts of chemicals, products, colors, and dyes. They are natural unprocessed hair which is used to make hair extensions. The virgin hair is also known as Remy hair extensions. you may not know this but there are 4 popular kinds of virgin hair extensions namely; Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian virgin hair extensions, and there is honorable mention, Russian blonde virgin hair.

Hair extensions require a considerable amount of investment and time so you should know the difference between the different types of virgin hair extensions and which will be suitable for your hair so that your money does not go down the drain.

1. Brazilian Hair Extensions

This is the most popular hair extensions nowadays as it is naturally thick, soft in texture, is durable and has a natural shine and luster to it. It is available in straight or wavy hair. The virgin hair will have all the cuticles aligned together and so they will not tangle together often. Also, this type of hair is naturally dense in so will be less frizzy as compared to other types of hair extensions and these hair tend to hold curls well and for a longer time period.

2. Peruvian Hair Extensions

This hair has a texture that will blend and mix with most types of hair textures and types. It is the most beautiful and versatile type of virgin hair extensions. It is thicker and coarser than all other types of extensions so you will need fewer bundles to get a full and healthy look to your natural hair. The hair extensions come in naturally straight, wavy or very curly hair. Their color is mostly black and brown. Its texture is light, has medium luster and shine and hones a natural softness.

3. Malaysian Hair Extensions

Malaysian hair extensions are thick, soft and supple and very silky. They have a lustrous look and a very luxurious feel and the shiniest as compared to other virgin hair extensions. They come in a variety of textures that is straight, wavy and curly hair. This hair retains curl very well and will not lose their shape the whole day. This hair requires less maintenance and fewer hair products than other types of hair extensions.

4. Indian Hair Extensions

This hair extension is the most versatile of all and comes in many varieties such as wavy, curly, straight hair, loose wave, body wavy and extreme curls. It is naturally silky and extremely soft and supple to touch. This is the best hair choice and will give the most natural look and are the most long-lasting. It will blend will all sorts of Asian hair types. The hair has a light bounce in its texture and can be styled easily and will retain any sort of hairstyle well. This is the most popular choice for people for hair extensions.

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