All You Must Know About Long Distance Healing

Energetic long distance healing has been practiced for centuries in many societies. Volumes could be written about healing or the healing power of Bioenergy. But in this article, we will focus on energy long distance healing. The technological advance in communications allows us to be in contact with family and friends who can live thousands of kilometers away from us. The long-distance healing is indeed great for anyone your location notwithstanding.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where our friends or family members are sick. It could be that they are recovering in a hospital, or going through a difficult period in their life. We may not be physically present to provide the support we would like to provide. But we can help them through Bioenergy.

Our energy body is a non-physical structure that envelops and penetrates the cells of our physical body, vitalizing it. Several alternative medicine practices are aimed at this vehicle. For example, when it comes to promoting better health, such as acupuncture and homeopathy! Their energies can produce various effects on the person who receives them.

They could have a soothing effect, also make the individual feel better, or simply rebalance the body energy as well as the chakras. It can also increase strength, with a good effect on your very own physical body, and then accelerate the recovery or trigger the healing process.

If perhaps we are actually considering taking help with long distance healing, we could truly ask ourselves: how does distance healing work at a distance? How to transmit it, the time it takes? How will the other person receive it? And, finally, about the healing process itself and the understanding of it all.

How Does Energetic Healing Work at a Distance?

The very most regular modality of long distance healing would be to actually send energies to the individual we really want to assist from this physical dimension. To perform any task in our daily lives we are performing a technique to make that work more efficiently.

Then also, there is a technique to send Bioenergy to other people. This is the technique of exteriorization or expansion of Bioenergy. It is important to demystify the process. Because when we think of someone we are connecting naturally with them and we are sending energies. The aim of the externalization is to amplify this process. If the intention is good and the means are ethical, you already have a great start.

Is There Any Technique?

The technique of exteriorization of Bioenergy can be done by will. No visualization, imagination or any other particular ritual is necessary. You are sure to understand this better as you have a word with an expert at the

You can try to push your energies only through the right part of your body and compare the sensations you have on each side of your body as you order your energies to move. The sensations may vary from person to person. And it is normal to try to guess at the beginning if the sensation is physical or energetic.

You must apply confidence in the externalization or expansion of your energies. Over time, you will find the subjective order that causes the energies to move. And their sensations will become very clear and very different from the physical sensations.

Are There Other Energy Healing Mechanisms at a Distance?

However, the long distant healing could be actually based on some other non-physical means. For instance, he could leave the body (astral travel) to meet the beings they would really like to help. Even if you do not remember the experience the next day, you could have solved the problem. Although it could have been from a different perspective, and experience this as a vision or inspiration later on.

Another possibility of the (Out of Body Experience or Astral Journey) scenario is to send energies straight and directly to the very astral body, which is also valid when the intention is to help from the emotional perspective. For example, a friend may be going through a turbulent period.

That is to say, with a lot of emotions and a more serene state would help him to obtain the necessary clarity to make the most convenient decisions for him. In a case like this, the externalization of energies in a tranquil way or perhaps manner towards your friend, when you meet him or her outside the body, could help in the process.

Another modality would involve the helpers (or spiritual guides). These, in a natural way that really do the work in other non-physical dimensions. When you think of the person you want to help, this could trigger extra physical actions from your own guides or from the guides of the person who needs help.

Can Anyone Heal With Energy From a Distance?

Before any attempt to help someone with their energies, you must first check your own state of health and your inner balance. The technique of energy mobilization is an excellent reference of a healthy energy state. Begin to move your energies from head to toe before sending them to the person you want to help.

To be able to carry out the externalization of energies from a state as healthy and optimal as possible, check the distance healing of Volcano Island beforehand. After sending energies, you have to actually disconnect so as to really avoid keeping bits and pieces of the procedure in your very own energy system. To do this, make the Voluntary Energy Oscillation again.

Accept The Healing Energy at a Distance To See Great Result

It may seem obvious, but for the energy to have an effect on you, you will have to accept the help and be open to the process. For this reason, it is essential to choose when and even to whom you are going to energetically open up to out there. For this, you must rely on your own fair criteria. A common attitude of distrust will be likely to obstruct external energies as well as make energy healing difficult.

Lastly, if you actually relax and also allow all those energies to truly connect with you very deeply, it’s not going to be difficult for you to trust them. If perhaps the energies truly come from a healer, relative or friend, the very same criteria should be used. But you can always rely on the long distance healing technique. What will help you if you are interested in these types of topics is to experiment with an open mind and also trust in your discernment.

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