How Do You Know Your Car Has a Bad Suspension?

The suspension in your car has a lot of different functions. It is not limited to providing you with a smooth ride. One of the main roles the suspension plays is the fact that it keeps all four wheels on the ground. This ensures that you have enough braking power when you need it. Your suspension also keeps your car from rolling over or losing control when you are cornering especially at high speeds.

So you see, you need to have a perfectly healthy suspension in your car. To not only ensure the best performance but for your own safety. So how do you know you have a bad suspension? Well, here in the following are some symptoms of a bad suspension. Whenever you see these problems make sure you go to the repair shop as soon as possible.

Rolling Over Sensation

If you get the feeling a gut-wrenching sensation that your car will roll over whenever you are going around a corner, then odds are you have a suspension problem. This usually happens whenever the anti-sway bar fails. The anti-sway bar is a part of the suspension. It is responsible for shifting the center of gravity of the car during turns.

When that fails your car becomes susceptible to tipping over. Whenever you see that this problem is surfacing make sure you take your car to the mechanics. This is a big issue and needs to be checked immediately. If left ignored it can have fatal consequences.

Oily struts

Your car’s struts have a special oil that makes it better equipped to absorb the shocks when driving. When the oil leaks it becomes pretty visible and when you drive you can feel that the ride isn’t as smooth as before and is a bit jarring. Whenever you feel this you can go in and check the struts. If you see that there is a problem, you should replace them. If the struts are the problem, then you can easily buy them at local auto parts stores. You can easily find online auto parts stores that offer coupons giving big discounts on auto parts. The struts are an important part of your car so make sure you don’t ignore them.

Dipping Corner

See sometimes you will see that one corner is dipping low even though all the tires are inflated properly. This indicates that your suspension is shot. At that moment you should take the car to your local garage for the damages to be repaired.

Bouncy Ride

You can easily test the suspension of your car with a bounce test. What you need to do is go to the front of the car or to the trunk. Push the hood or trunk a few times and make the car bounce. Once it starts bouncing see the duration it takes to return to its original position. It shouldn’t take the car 3-4 bounces to return to normal. If it keeps bouncing too much then it means that the suspension needs repair or replacement. At that moment my advice is to take it to the garage asap.


Your car is very important in your life. This is why regular maintenance is a must. When you see any sort of problem you should not delay consulting an expert. If you are worried about the cost, then you can go online. You can find cheap auto parts online. You have many sellers online giving big discounts on quality auto parts. So make sure you don’t ignore your car’s problem.

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