Top 6 Branded Mobility Scooters In 2018

Mobility scooters are the type of scooters which are made for those people that have little accessibility to their motion. Such as an adult who can walk a short distance and lose their breath or overcome by fatigue. Keep in mind that, those adults who cannot walk or move at all are not eligible for these mobility scooters. They require a bit of movement.

Although mobility scooters Canada come in different models and machinery, all of which is praise worthy but the following 6 has managed to capture out attention and hopefully would do the same for you:

  • Buzz around extreme 4-wheeled electric mobility scooter
  • Drive medical scout electric mobility scooter, 3-wheel
  • Drive medical scout DST 4-wheeled travel scooter
  • Shop rider sun runner four-wheel personal travel scooter
  • Drive medical phoenix HD 4-wheel heavy duty scooter
  • Drive medical spitfire Ex travel 4-wheel scooter

1. Buzz Around Extreme 4-Wheeled Electric Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is rugged and perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use. You can turn it through a rough road as well as high speed without tipping it over. It is charged with the help of a battery and works perfectly for a long duration of time. Its wheels are big and tough enabling you a secure touch on the ground. So, whether your roads are rough or smooth, this mobility scooter Canada will work in best ways possible.

2. Drive Medical Scout Electric Mobility Scooter, 3 Wheels

Although many prefer a four-wheeled scooter for a safe grip but keep in mind that a four-wheeled scooter will not be able to pass through tight corners and even if it does, it will cause quite a raucous. Here is why, the three wheeled comes in handy. However not all 3 wheeled mobility scooters are safe. The ones by drive medical mobility scooters consists of a guarantee of safety. You can drive it around on bumps as well. And it works with a battery so charge it and be on your way!

3. Drive Medical DST 4 Wheeled Travel Scooter

This model can carry a lot of weight with ease and is completely safe for adults to drive around terrains and bumpy roads. Due to its 4-wheeled feature, it has a good grip on the floor and sometimes comes with accessories so you can fill it up with your things. The battery works quite nicely and is rechargeable. The scooter allows you to change your locations to other slightly dangerous ones because of its safe built!

4. Shop Rider Sun Runner 4-Wheel Personal Travel Scooter

The best part about this mobility scooter Canada, is that it contains an office chair attached to it. So, you can easily sit with comfort and rest your back and head nicely before going onto your destination. This allows you maximum mobility and has a considerable speed. The built is tough and can be used on rough bumpy roads.

5. Drive Medical Phoenix HD 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

This one is not meant for rugged and bumpy roads however you can easily drive it around in slight curvy paths and amusement parks and parks and other such locations. It offers a high weight capacity and consists of a basket to carry your things around.

6. Drive Medical Spitfire Ex Travel 4-Wheel Scooter

This one is also perfect for indoor use but there are some conditions for outdoor practice. You can be perfectly fine with this one on smooth roads and tight spaces along with curvy paths but it will be slightly difficult to manage on bumpy terrains. However, weight capacity of this Drive 4-wheel Scooter model is high and speed is general. The batteries are good too but it is mostly for those adults that love to stay in their house at all times!

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