How To Stop Procrastinating And Achieve Your Goals

How do I stop procrastinating and reach my goals? How can I overcome what stops me and realize my dreams? How can I “go for it”? These are the questions most of us confront ourselves with.

This is procrastination and almost all of us suffer from it. When you procrastinate you are wasting your time and putting off important tasks that should be attended to immediately. When they get too late you start panicking wishing all the time that you had started earlier.

Below are listed some tips on how to stop procrastination and can help you better than any personal coach training.

Divide Your Task into Steps

One of the most important reasons why you procrastinate is that in your subconscious mind you find the task too difficult for you. A simple solution is that you can break that task into small parts, arrange them in a sequence, and then tackle them accordingly. Now you can tackle one part at a time and it won’t appear very daunting to you.

Create Fake Deadlines

It’s just human nature, you will find that you are in the habit of procrastinating even if you enjoy the work you are doing. Still, you will see that you tend to put off tasks until the last minute. Setting up fake deadlines can be made more interesting and enticing by setting a reward at the end.

Surround Yourselves with Enthusiastic and Goal-Orientated People

To be hard working and enthusiastic you should surround yourself with friends or colleagues who are goal-orientated and motivate you. Because they are the go-getters and hard workers and hanging out with such people will inspire you.

Tell Others About Your Goals

Another great way to put off procrastination is to let people know about your deadlines and publicly declare your goal. Once you tell everyone it gets much harder for you to back out because now your integrity will be questioned. So, when once you tell all your friends, family and colleagues about your projects, whenever you see them they will naturally ask about your progress and this will motivate you.

Stop Over-Complicating Things

One of the major cause of procrastination is perfectionism. Thinking that maybe now is not the best time, due to some reason, and waiting for the perfect time to do a thing. You should stop harboring such thoughts because there’s never a perfect time and you will never accomplish anything if you keep waiting for one. You should stop trying to do things perfectly but instead just do them. Because it’s possible that the end result would be even better than what you had thought of.

Change Your Environment

Your environment has a great effect on your productivity so it’s always advisable to see whether your environment inspires you or not. If you find that instead of inspiring you to work at your workplace motivates you to rest and laze around. Then I think it’s time that you brought some changes in the environment.

But of course, all these tips will only act as your personal coach training if you follow them.

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